View of Whiteplains Plantation

View of Whiteplains Plantation
Over Head View

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Whiteplains Plantation Announcement.

Neighbors, for about the last four years I have administered our Announcements and Pilot's List Servers. Recently Steve Crimm has offered to take over the Email system and the three domains registered for the community website. This transfer is more complicated than you might imagine and will take a couple of weeks. We will attempt to make the transition seamless, however there may be times when the system is unavailable. I want to thank Steve for taking on this task, it will be many hours of system configuration and much needed website updates. Steve should provide update messages during the process and you should forward any issues to him in the comming weeks. This transfer comes at a time when I have very little time nor the interest to keep up with system. Many thanks my friends that helped and supported me. 

Best Regards
Ray Hill

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