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Thursday, December 08, 2016

FAA Updates Icing Training Video

You should do this like the airlines do and make the “due date” for completion of this “training" April 1...

On Dec 7, 2016, at 4:44 PM, 'Michael Ballee' via Whiteplains Pilots List <> wrote:

Its that time of year to refresh icing and the FAA has this updated video for training, a good source of information.
Mike Ballee


With winter on the way for much of the U.S., the FAA has released a new training video about the dangers of ice-induced stalls. “Much has occurred since NASA's original 1998 ice-contaminated tailplane stall video,” the FAA said. “The information in this training video supersedes, supplants, and replaces the instruction in all previous NASA tail stall icing training videos.” The video aims to “make pilots aware that vigilance is necessary to avoid the low-speed stall accidents that occur in icing, especially with the autopilot engaged.”
The video explores various scenarios and ends with a detailed safety checklist. FAA test pilot G.M. Baker advises pilots to know their airplane and check the weather. “Be vigilant of your airspeed when in icing conditions,” he says. “Do not let airspeed decrease unabated … When you’re in ice, work to get out.” AOPA’s Air Safety Institute and NASA also collaborated in producing the 30-minute video.

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Previous Whiteplains Plantation Member Passes - Susan Clark

Prayers for Hal
Two days ago my brother Hal Clark's wife of 43 years, Sue Clark, passed over to a better place. Although she had been experiencing health problems her death was unexpected. Our heart and prayers are with Hal during this difficult time and we will miss Sue and always cherish her place in our family. Please send prayers of healing to Hal.
 — with Susan Clark and Hal Clark.

Follow up from Hal...

Hal Clark To All Our Friends At Whiteplains. As you now know my loving wife and best friend Susan has passed to the other side on Nov 30. Sue had a fairly mild form of MS and a host of other medical issues but we didn’t think any of them were life threatening. About 2 months ago she developed a cough that would not go away and then she starting having breathing problems at night when she laid down. A little over a month ago she was having difficulty breathing and passed out as I was calling 911. They put her on a ventilator for a day at the hospital but she bounced back and was discharged in a few days. They ran several tests and determined that she had a blood clot in her lungs and her heart was not pumping blood efficiently (30-40% when it should be 60%). They prescribed some drugs but a month later she had another breathing problem at night and when I saw her blood oxygen level drop to 80% I called 911. Unfortunately her heart stopped from lack of oxygen just as the medics arrived and they worked on her for 30 minutes to get her pulse back before transporting her to the hosp. CT scans showed brain damage and swelling from lack of oxygen which caused her blood pressure and heart rate to run wild which her heart just could not sustain and she passed peacefully that same day. She never regained consciousness. I now realize she had all the classic symptoms of congestive heart failure but she and the doctors did not think she was that close to death. We were still making plans to move the RV from CA to FL the day before she passed. Spiritually I think that we all have some control on how and when we pass and Sue was not one for lingering. She had taken her body as far as it would go while still having a good quality of life. But such a quick passing left me no time to prepare for this and I will be grieving her lose for some time.