View of Whiteplains Plantation

View of Whiteplains Plantation
Over Head View

Saturday, August 31, 2013

    Photo by: Don Cook

Early this morning, 15 residents from Whiteplains Plantation and two guest picked up trash on Golden Jublie and Windy Road. We managed to collect a total of 17 bags. Our thanks to Jack and Diane Fastnaught for hosting us for breakfast and to all who came out to help.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Windy Road Cleanup Date Set

Good afternoon folks,

It's that time again. We'll do the clean up this coming Saturday Aug. 31st. starting with a light breakfast and some fellowship at the Fastnaught's home at 8:30 AM.
We'll then go to work. Many hands make light work so please come out and help.
See you then.
Jack & Diane

Our very own Dick Hitt and his 1955 T-Bird at Auto Show

    Photo by Don Cook

Your editor took advantage of the great weekend weather and attended a car show in nearby Irmo, SC.  Our friend Dick Hitt was there with his beautiful 1955 Thunderbird.   :

Reported by: Steve Sanderson 

K-Club attendance record...

    Photo by: Steve Sanderson                                                                                                     8-26-2013

Good turnout at the Whiteplains K-Club regular Monday morning meeting today. We had a record 21 of 24 members present. Matters of great political and social importance were discussed and resolved.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Soaring, Round table & Ipad in Aviation Event at SC00 9-7-2013

To register click here: Register

Click here to register:

"ATC Round Table Discussion"
Topic: ATC Question & Answer Session
On Saturday, September 7, 2013 at 8:30 AM
Triple Tree Aerodrome Hangar
330 Mary Hanna Rd

Woodruff, SC 29388
Select Number:
Take advantage of this rare opportunity to ask ATC tower manager Sonny Massey, all the questions you've saved up. Sonny manages the busiest General Aviation airport tower in the state of SC, the Greenville Downtown Airport. He will give a brief discussion about ATC and what they expect from inbound and outbound traffic.  There will also be an open question and answer session with the audience.
To view further details and registration information for this seminar, click here.
The sponsor for this seminar is: SC FAASTeam
The FAA Safety Team (FAASTeam) is committed to providing equal access to this meeting/event for all participants. If you need alternative formats or services because of a disability, please communicate your request as soon as possible with the person in the 'Contact Information' area of the meeting/event notice. Note that two weeks is usually required to arrange services.
The following credit(s) are available for the WINGS/AMT Programs:
Basic Knowledge 3 - 1 Credit

Click here to view the WINGS help page

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mooney crashes

Two Killed in Kansas City Mooney Crash

By Pia Bergqvist / Published: Aug 22, 2013
An Ohio couple that was visiting family in Kansas City died this week shortly after departing the Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport near downtown Kansas City, Missouri, in their single-engine Mooney. 
Lynn Lundsford from the FAA said the pilot had reported “an undisclosed problem” after lifting off and had been “cleared by the controllers to return to the airport.” But instead the airplane crashed in a grassy field near the south end of the runway.
According to witness accounts, the pilot tried to turn back to the runway before the crash.
The NTSB has started its investigation of the crash and one of the agency’s investigators, Mitchell Gallo, briefed the media on Monday. Gallo said there was no explosion or post crash fire as a result of the crash.

Read more at 

BRS Parachute Now Available for Van's RV-7, RV-9 | Flying Magazine

BRS Parachute Now Available for Van's RV-7, RV-9

By Stephen Pope / Published: Aug 22, 2013
Van's builders have been practically begging BRS Aerospace to offer its whole-airframe emergency recovery parachutes for the lineup of popular homebuilts – and now BRS has delivered by making the rocket-fired chutes available for the Van's RV-7 and RV-9.
It took some creative engineering to add a parachute to the RV models, but the company was finally able to make it happen. As described by BRS, the unit in the RV is stowed in a specially designed frame suspended from structural aluminum angles spanning the upper longerons and the back of the aft baggage bulkhead. The parachute deploys out of the right side of the fuselage behind the wing and angles upward.
“We are very excited to release this installation to the Van's Aircraft market,” said BRS CEO Larry Williams. “We listened to the customer base and responded.” Williams said BRS’s most frequent request is for installation options on Van's Aircraft. 
Since 1981, BRS has delivered more than 30,000 parachute systems to aircraft owners worldwide, including more than 3,500 on FAA-certified airplanes. BRS parachute recovery systems have been credited with saving the lives of 299 pilots and passengers.
The installation kit for the RV-7/9 series is on sale now, BRS said, with a delivery wait time of about 6 to 8 weeks after an order is placed.

Read more at 

BRS Parachute Now Available for Van's RV-7, RV-9 | Flying Magazine

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rudder Skills

Get this free 15-minute video on Rudder Skills and learn some tricks and tips that will improve all your take-offs and landings.

Prepared by CFI, DPE and former airline training instructor, Wally Moran.
View the video here:

Fly safely,

Mark Robidoux

Fords Willow Run Plant - Great Story

This is a WW2 propaganda film (aimed at the homefront). But the engineering stuff is pretty interesting. (And note the neckties.)
The Genius of Henry Ford. This was BEFORE Pearl Harbor !!!  Ford's B-24 Bomber Plant at Willow Run, MI.
Henry Ford was determined that he could mass produce bombers just as he had done with cars.
He built the Willow Run assembly plant and proved it. It was the world's largest building under one roof.
This film will absolutely blow you away - one B-24 every 55 minutes.
Flew to Pelion Airport for gas.  Wanted to see how my new GoPro Hero 3 silver camera would do, so I put it on the bottom of the plane. Video turned out to be real good. Check it out.

                                           Click this link to see video: Gopro Hero 3 Test


Aviators: Season 4 Opening Preview

The Aviators: Season 4 Opening - YouTube - TheAviatorsTV
The BIGGEST aviation TV show on the planet is back with an all-new fourth season of aerobatic thrills, military brawn, and pure flying ravishment from every corner of the world of aviation. Seasons 1 to 3 are available right now on iTunes in North America, the UK, and Australia and can also be seen on PBS, Hulu and Amazon in the US, Travel+Escape in Canada, Discovery overseas, and on the show's official website at TheAviators.TV. Season 4 premieres in the fall of 2013. Watch for it!

Video: Pilot Captures His Own Crash

By Mark Phelps / Published: Aug 20, 2013
The pilot of a Bradley BA100 light sport aircraft carefully checked the GoPro cameras mounted on the exterior of his airplane. With video rolling, he took off from Skylark Airport in Killeen, Texas, but shortly after passing the departure end of the 5,495-foot runway, his engine lost power. The video shows a slight right turn toward an open area, but a large tree got in the way of the emergency landing.
After what might have been an attempt to turn back to the airport (according to the NTSB preliminary report), the single-seater hit the tree about 20 feet from the top. The pilot emerged uninjured. The video shows him making note of the fact that the cameras are still operating, even telling a first responder, “You’re on camera.” The video is pieced together with footage from three GoPro cameras, all of which survived intact. One is mounted on the underside of the tail; a second under the left wing; and the third inside the cockpit looking over the pilot’s head.
The BA100 is a Volkswagen-powered low-wing kitplane from Bradley Aerospace in Chico, California. Designed to be aerobatic, it’s stressed to plus or minus 9 Gs. Approximately 200 kits have been sold, with an unknown number completed. You can see the crash video here:


Saturday, August 03, 2013

Lost Dog

There is a couple from outside the Whiteplains community who have reason to believe
that their lost Yorkie (young black/tan female named Lexie) was last seen or around
in Whiteplains.
If you find this dog, please call them at 892-2216.
Ken & Peg

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Found Lab Puppy 6-1-2013

Late last night Susan and I were going for a walk and there was a black dog near James Keisler's hanger.  It followed us home despite me shooing it away.   I woke this morning to find that it had slept on my porch.  Its a very friendly black lab female pup that I would say is about 6 months old.  It has a weathered red color with no tags.  Anyone missing a dog or know of someone missing a dog.  If so please call my cell at 803-606-5189.

Dennis Ramsey