View of Whiteplains Plantation

View of Whiteplains Plantation
Over Head View

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Ed Fisher Building Update 1-23-2018

Some updated pictures on Ed Fisher's new construction, also some pictures below his lot that has been cleared. You can see the creak now.

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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Whiteplains Plantation 2018 HOA Meeting

If you couldn't attend this years HOA meeting, here it is. Special thanks to Ken and Peg for hosting this in their hangar. 

We had a good turn out with 50 people attending, 

Posted 1-20-2018
By: Don Cook

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Whiteplains Plantation HOA Meeting 1-16-2018

Picture by: Phil Rainwater

   We had a about 50 peopele that attended the dinner and meeting. A lot of good information was shared by the board and several question were asked from several people.  

   If you missed the meeting, your in luck, I have a video that I'm going to upload no later than Friday so you won't miss out on what when on. 

Reported by: Don Cook

Soup-Off 2018

It’s that time of year for our annual soup fellowship at our hangar.  For those new to our community this is known as the “Soup-Off”.  The purpose of this gathering is four fold. One, we get to enjoy many soups.  Two, we get to vote on the best soup Chef (bring dollars as each ballot will cost $1.)  Three, money raised goes to Gilbert schools to help the needy!  Four, we enjoy a fellowship with our neighbors at SC99.  If you don’t want to make a pot of soup we always welcome desserts, bread, crackers, soft drinks, etc.  We will furnish water, iced tea, and coffee.  We will start promptly at 6:30pm on Saturday, February 3.  It will be at my hangar located behind our house at 244 Cirrus Ln.  Yes, you can make sure you or your significant other wins the competition by purchasing plenty of votes.  Not that this has ever occurred (LOL!) and we don’t care since more money is raised.  It would be nice if you would RSVP by email, call, or text me @ 803-530-2434 or have questions. 

Hope to see you,
Mike and Jean Moore

Link to the very first Soup Cook-Off First Soup Cook-Off

Thursday, January 04, 2018

Ron Greenfield Miracle Video

What's new, Atlas?

Ultralight Pilot Who First Led Geese Dies

Russ Niles

A wild-eyed Canadian artist, dreamer and ultralight pilot who inspired one of the world’s most unusual wildlife conservation efforts died Dec. 30 in his underground house in rural Ontario. Bill Lishman was 78. In 1985, he "imprinted" a flock of 12 Canada Geese he’d raised on his biplane ultralight. In 1988, he led them, in V formation, to winter in South Carolina. Five years later, he repeated the effort with 36 birds and caught the attention of those in the desperate fight to keep the Whooping Crane from extinction. Between 2001 and 2015, Operation Migration used costumed pilots flying ultralights to lead young cranes raised in captivity in Wisconsin to Florida. Unfortunately, it didn’t work that well because the artificially raised birds weren’t great parents and the operation was shut down by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in 2016.
Lishman, who had received a diagnosis of leukemia 10 days before his death, had the migration inspiration in 1985 and with the help of his remarkably resilient family raised the first brood of geese for his celebrated scheme. Migratory birds imprint on the first thing they see when they hatch and that was Lishman’s aircraft. His unusual story was the subject of the popular movie Fly Away Home in 1996. Lishman was a highly respected sculptor and artist and his works are on prominent display across Canada. He left behind Paula, his wife of 50 years, and three grown children.

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Snow day in South Carolina 1/3/2018

 Snowed for about 20 minutes.  Nothing really stuck.

This is what it looked like an hour after it started. 
Love living in the south.