View of Whiteplains Plantation

View of Whiteplains Plantation
Over Head View

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Welcome Dave & Deb Gaston!

Hey Neighbors,

Please welcome our newest neighbors, Dave and Deb Gaston, to Whiteplains! Dave and Deb have recently moved from Greenville into 301 Whiteplains Place (house on the left as you enter Phase I). They are looking forward to becoming a part of our community. They are really nice folks... stop by and introduce yourself and get to know them.

Peg Peterson
Welcome Committee Chairperson

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Surprise on Christmas Night!

On Christmas Night, we had a knock at our door, and to our surprise, it was a group of Whiteplains members singing Christmas Carols. As you know, we had a lot of fog that night and it was difficult to take a good picture. it is.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Newest Member of Whiteplains....Early Christmas Present!

Boy, things move fast. We have yet another new addition to Whiteplains. Congratulations go out to Mike and Michelle Cone on there arrival of Connor Michael Cone, born on December 20th, 2006. Came in at 6 Lbs. - 7 oz. and 19 1/2" Long.

See current pictures at

Second Newest Member @ Whiteplains!

Congratulations to Doug & Lisa Sowder on the arrival of there new son Evan Douglas. He arrived by stork on December 12, 2006. He came in at a nice 6 Lbs and 14 ozs. Sister Aimsley and Brother Reid are excited on the arrival of a new playmate.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Cool Airplane Wallpaper

Michael Branning wanted to share this with Whiteplains. Click on the link below to see over 140 aviation wallpapers that you can download for free.

Thanks Michael for sharing this with us.

Thank You Whiteplains!

Whiteplains comes through again with support for the Aiden Crocker Charity.

I would like to say THANK YOU to all of you who supported Aiden in his time of need. White Plains is like a big family, This is another reason we have the number one Neighborhood/Airpark in South Carolina.


Dennis Perry

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Merry Chritmas from Whiteplains Blog

SC BC Schedule 2007

01-14-2007 Lankcaster
01-28-2007 Greenwood
02-11-2007 Sumpter
02-25-2007 Eagle CAE
03-11-2007 Georgetown
03-25-2007 Alan Smoke
04-08-2007 Easter break
04-22-2007 Broxton bridge
05-06-2007 Green sea
05-20-2007 WhitePlains
06-03-2007 Anderson
06-17-2007 Cheraw
07-01-2007 Salisbury NC
07-15-2007 Winnsboro
07-29-2007 Allendale
08-12-2007 Aiken
08-26-2007 Moncks Corner
09-09-2007 Owens
09-23-2007 Laurens
10-07-2007 Camden
10-21-2007 Barnwell
11-04-2007 Orangeburg
11-18-2007 East Cooper
12-02-2007 Donldson Jet Center
12-16-2007 Rudy Branham
12-30-2007 Twin Lakes

Monday, December 04, 2006

Whiteplains Calendar - December 2006

Happy Birthday to the following Members:

December 16 - Vern Scott
December 31 - Nancy Van Wormer

SC BC Dates:

December 3 - Summerville (DYB)
December 17 - Rudy Branham (6J7)

Other Special Dates:

December 16 - Hanukkah
December 22 - Winter Begins
December 25 - Merry Christmas To All!

Whiteplains UNICOM #11: The Annual Meting

Whiteplains UNICOM #11: The Annual Meting

The by-laws of the Whiteplains Plantation Association require that an Annual Meeting be held on the third Tuesday in January. For 2007, that would be on January 16.

For at least the last three years, we have held the meeting at “The Wiz” Restaurant in Batesburg. This has been a good location, even if a little distant. Unfortunately, and for whatever reason, many of our members have elected not to participate.

At its last meeting, the Board approved a new concept: we will have a meal catered by Shealy’s Bar-B-Que in one of the Whiteplains hangars. For 2007, Ken and Peg will host it in their hangar (which has central heat, by the way… no need to bundle up). The cost will be $13 or $14 for adults (depending on turnout) and $5 for children ages 4-11. The menu will be the same as in Shealy’s Restaurant: all-you-can-eat pork BBQ, fried chicken, rice/hash, vegetables, coleslaw, rolls, sweet tea and dessert. If you want something other than sweet tea, you are welcome to bring the beverage of your choice. (Note: This is not free.... $$ collected when you enter serving line.)

A “social hour” will begin at about 6:15 PM, with dinner served at 7:00 PM. After dinner, there will be a brief “official meeting,” including a review of the community’s 2006 activities and accomplishments, and the announcement of the results of the election for the two vacancies on the Board of Directors. You are welcome to stay and socialize with your neighbors after that for as long as you wish.

Since we have to give the caterer a firm “head count” in advance, please reply by phone or to this e-mail. If we do not hear from you, a neighborhood volunteer will be phoning all of our South Carolina property owners about a week in advance. We will assume that out-of-state property owners will not be attending unless you tell us otherwise. We will be billed against this head count, so please don’t say that you’re coming if you aren’t!

Your Board of Directors is looking forward to a big turnout for this opportunity to meet new neighbors, reacquaint ourselves with others, and celebrate the continuing success of the best aviation community on the East Coast. See you there!

Ken Plesser, President

Whiteplains Plantation Association

Sunday, December 03, 2006

New Beacon Up and Running

Many hours of labor have resulted in the installation of a non-obtrusive beacon that now operates on top of the Elam Tower. The beacon was the dream of Ray Elam who lost his life in a plane crash on April 11, 2003. Ray was the former owner of the hangar now owned by the Keislers. The beacon can be activated by a pilot approaching Whiteplains from up to 7 to 10 miles away and will help pin point the field which can be difficult to locate at night. Thanks to the vision of the Whiteplains Pilot's Association and the Board , our small, private airport now has two safety features usually found only at much larger, public fields - a VASI system and a locator beacon. There is no price that can be placed upon the safe landing of our neighbors and friends and we thank all who had a part in the completion of these devices.

As a result of the installation of the beacon , the American Flag and the Whiteplains flag (SC99) now have new hardware as well as illuminating lights for night time viewing. Once again, Whiteplains raises the bar, maintaining its position as the classiest airpark in South Carolina.