View of Whiteplains Plantation

View of Whiteplains Plantation
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Friday, September 07, 2012

CAE Airfield Chages

CAE Airfield Changes
Notice Number: NOTC4113
New Taxiway Designations @KCAE effective 11/15/12
During the latter part of 2012 the Columbia Airport will be undertaking several airfield construction projects, one of which is the AirfieldSignageProject. KCAE will adopt the taxiway designation convention standards contained in FAA Advisory Circular 150/5340-18F - Standards for Airport Sign Systems.
The linked sketch provided below reflects both the current taxiway designators (single and double alphabetic characters in black ink) and the new taxiway designators (alphabetic and alphanumeric characters in red ink) that will become effective at 0401Z on 11/15/12. Progress will be shown in updated airfield sketches which will be posted on thePilot Resources Page of the airport website. Dates are approximate. Please check NOTAMS for daily progress updates.
Click -> Airfield Sketch
Please direct any inquiries to either the Airport's Operations or Planning & Development Departments. Operations:  (803) 822-5050, E-mail: Planning/Development:  (803) 822-5041,

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