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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

New Lower Cost Option for ADS-B In and Out!

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NavWorx ADS-B Transceivers for Experimental and Certified Aircraft
NavWorx ADS600-B
NavWorx ADS600-EXP
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2020-compliant ADS-B solutions that include a GPS and use your existing transponder!
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By January 1, 2020, virtually all aircraft flying in heavily populated areas will be required to carry an ADS-B Out transmitter.  Certified aircraft need certfied systems, experimental and light-sport aircraft require systems that perform like certified systems but don't need to actually be certified.  ADS-B In is not required.  Confused yet?  Now toss in 978, 1090, FIS-B, TIS-B, In vs. Out, UAT, and lots of other acronyms and your head will be spinning.
The bottom line is that you need an ADS-B solution by 2020 unless you only fly in the backcountry.  The problem is that most solutions that meet the so-called FAA mandate cost as much as some used cars.  Years ago, NavWorx saw the opportunity to provide high-quality yet affordable ADS-B solutions.  Their ADS600 series ADS-B transceivers prove that quality doesn't have to be overpriced.
ADS600-B - $1799
Certified Aircraft
ADS600-EXP - $1149
Experimental and Light Sport Aircraft
NavWorx ADS600-BNavWorx ADS600-EXP
The ADS600-B is the ideal solution for certified aircraft.  It includes both ADS-B In (receives weather and traffic) and ADS-B Out (broadcasts your position to ATC so other aircraft will 'see' you and causes ADS-B ground stations to send you nearby traffic). 

An internal ADS-B compliant WAAS GPS means you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on a new GPS.

ADS-B Out systems need to broadcast your squawk code and pressure altitude from your transponder.  While many other ADS-B systems require a new transponder, the ADS600-B gets the transponder data from a simple serial cable (newer transponders) or a patent-pending, stroke-of-genius device called the TransMonSPE (see below) that uses induction to read the data from your transponder cable without any cable splicing.

An optional Wi-Fi adapter broadcasts the weather and traffic to FlyQ EFB on your iPad and the built-in serial ports connect to many MFDs.

Broadcasts and receives on 978 Mhz.
The ADS600-EXP is virtually the same as the ADS600-B but specifically designed for experimental and light sport aircraft. 

In one small, easy to install unit, it packs both ADS-In and ADS-B Out, a compliant WAAS GPS receiver, and even built-in Wi-Fi for connecting to FlyQ EFB on your iPad!

It connects via a serial cable to many newer transponders and uses the same incredible TransMonSPE device (see below) to communicate with older transponders.

Broadcasts and receives on 978 Mhz.

Popular options
  • TransMonSPE transponder monitor ($199)
  • Wi-Fi adapter for using FlyQ EFB on your iPad
  • TSO externally mounted GPS antenna ($378)
  • UAT (ADS-B) antenna ($59 or $96 depending on style)
  • 1090 Mhz receiver ($89)

Popular options
  • TransMonSPE transponder monitor ($199)
  • Non-TSO internal (inside airplane) GPS antenna ($59)
  • TSO externally mounted GPS antenna ($378)
  • UAT (ADS-B) antenna ($59 or $96 depending on style)
  • 1090 Mhz receiver ($89)
Both the ADS600-B and ADS600-EXP need to be installed in your aircraft.  Prices above do not include installation or some parts that may be required in certain installations.  See the NavWorx Web site for more information.
Keep Your Existing Transponder by Using the Patented, TSO'd TransMonSPE Transponder Monitor
ADS-B Out systems must transmit your tail number plus data from your transponder such as the squawk code and pressure altitude.  Using the TSO'd  (and patent-pending) NavWorx TransMonSPE, the NavWorx systems get this data from your transponder in real-time with a quick and simple one-time installation.  No wire cutting or complex installation is necessary because the TransMonSPE is simply placed on the transponder cable and uses induction (no wire cutting) to read the data and send it to the ADS-B system.  Genius!
Buy Now. Now with a free FlyQ EFB subscription!

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