View of Whiteplains Plantation

View of Whiteplains Plantation
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Thursday, April 16, 2015

How to save $$ by upgrading now to ADS-B

From: Fun Places To Fly

My Upgrade to ADS-B, how I came out $2,500 ahead by doing it now -
The 2020 deadline requiring an upgraded to ADS-B is drawing near! I imagine that as many of you read that, the hairs on the back of your neck stood up, your palms began to sweat and your wallets clamped shut. Well, that was how I felt too. But after looking into what it was going to take to upgrade, I found it doesn’t have to be that way. Let me tell you about my experience upgrading my Vans RV-7a to ADS-B and what it cost me in the end.Before I get into all the details of the upgrade, I’ll give away the punch line right out of the gate. I found that by upgrading now, as opposed to had I waited until the 2020 deadline, I will actually come out over $2,500 AHEAD. Yes, you read that right! Even with having to buy all new ADS-B equipment I will have more money in my pocket by upgrading now than had I procrastinated and waited until 2020. I know, that sounds crazy, right? But it’s true. Here’s what I did and how I realized that savings.

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