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View of Whiteplains Plantation
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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Supersonic Jets

VIDEO: SUPERSONIC JETS ARE BACK! Twice The Speed of Sound!!!


Breakfast in New York, lunch in London, once again becomes a reality.


Traveling twice the speed of sound, these high-speed beauties can cross the
Atlantic ocean in only three hours.

It’s been more than ten years since British Airways retired the last Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde airliner, which travelled at more than twice the speed of sound.
Since then we have been limited to traditional commercial long-haul jets with a cruise speed of 500 to 600 mph.
1411639404306_wps_1_ProEXR_File_Description_ABut There’s a new generation of supersonic passenger aircraft beginning to emerge
boasting speeds at least twice as fast as current commercial planes.
 In Europe jets are allowed to fly at supersonic speeds over land, but the US prohibits civilian planes from breaking the sound barrier, about 750 mph, while flying over land to avoid noisy sonic booms. The new breed of supersonic transports will fly at subsonic speeds until they reach the ocean when they will speed up to over 1,200 mph.
1411634820073_wps_5_Aerion_Still_EyeLevel_Pri‘To achieve unprecedented reductions in supersonic transportation airport noise, a completely new kind of propulsion system is being developed,” said Michael Buonanno, Lockheed Martin manager of the NASA N+2 program. “We are also exploring new techniques for low-noise jet exhaust, integrated fan noise suppression, airframe noise suppression and computer customized airport noise abatement.”
1411632894220_wps_1_CREATOR_gd_jpeg_v1_0_usinThe jets, which are designed for trans-continental flight will be made mostly from carbon fibre composite material. Design features include wings which reduce overall drag by 20 per cent providing lower fuel consumption and longer range for passengers.
1411632915665_wps_3_Aerion_Still_Interior_PriWhile these planes will first appear in the private and business jet market, catering only to the super rich. With price tags of over $100 million, few of us are running to the jet store, but it won’t be long until you see the new breed of planes taxiing down a runway headed for your gate.

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