View of Whiteplains Plantation

View of Whiteplains Plantation
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Friday, October 31, 2014

Build your own ADS-B Ground Station

Do you want to build your own FlightAware PiAware ADS-B Ground Station?

You can now build and run your own ADS-B ground station that can be installed
anywhere and receive real-time data directly from airplanes on your computer.
Your ground station can run FlightAware's PiAware software to track flights within 100-300 miles (line of sight, range depending on antenna installation) and will automatically feed data to FlightAware. You can track flights directly off your PiAware device or via
Users sending ADS-B data to FlightAware will see live (non-delayed) data, have their own data highlighted on FlightAware track logs, see additional information on ADS-B from elsewhere, receive custom statistics and more information on ADS-B sites around the world. As a thank you for your contribution to our community, FlightAware offers a free Enterprise Account (USD$89.95/mo value) to users who share their data.

Getting started is fast and easy!

Using the instructions below, the process should take about two hours and the parts cost about USD$100 / EUR€80.

Already running dump1090 on a Raspberry Pi?

View the PiAware installation page to install the latest version on your Pi.

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