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View of Whiteplains Plantation
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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Win for GA

Recreational Pilots Gain Rights in California and South Carolina 

By Pia Bergqvist / Published: Jun 26, 2014
Recreational Aviation California
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Pilots at the Recreational Aviation Foundation have reason to celebrate after achieving two big wins during the past couple of weeks. California and South Carolina have both adopted legislative language that provides greater opportunities for backcountry flying.
The Recreational Use Statute in the two states has been amended to include aviation activities, providing landowners protection from liability when recreational pilots land on their properties. As a result, landowners will likely be more welcoming to airplanes flying into airstrips on their land.
As the third largest state in the union, California was a particularly big win for RAF. "California is such an important aviation state and with the passage of the RUS this is not only an important day for California but a very big day for aviation," said RAF's president John McKenna.
Twenty-four states have changed their RUS to include aviation activities as a result of the tireless work of RAF members, and there are six states in the process of making amendments.


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