View of Whiteplains Plantation

View of Whiteplains Plantation
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Thursday, July 19, 2012

SCBC at Triple Tree Procedure

Please check back from time to time for updates and before you leave to come to the Triple Tree Aerodrome Fly-In
Last Revision date: 7/18/2012
(Only change is ground Frenquency is now 123.9)
Printable Version: Arrival_Procedure_8_16_2011.pdf (updated PDF soon.)
Due to the increased volume of traffic in the past few years, Triple Tree has adjusted the Arrival procedures for the fly-in to accommodate the pilots AND professionals in the control tower. This will help alleviate any potential hazards and ensure a safe and expeditious flow of traffic into a fun-filled environment.
·        Approach Triple Tree (except Ultra-Lights) from a point 8 NM south of the airport.  The landmark that will be used to identify this point is the Wal-Mart Distribution Center          (N 34.543’ W 81.995’) (GRD 020/19.5 NM) which is located just south of Interstate 385 and US Highway 221. This landmark will be referred to as “Wally World”.
·        From Wally World fly a heading of 020º along US Highway 221 and look for the town of Enoree (N 34.650 W 81.956). From Enoree, fly a heading of 305º and fly directly over the Triple Tree Control Tower. Enter a midfield left downwind (northwest) for Runway 3 or, if runway 21 is the active, a right downwind. A close-in downwind would be appreciated. Tower will instruct you on landing sequence and traffic advisories at this point.  
·        All arrivals: Keep radio chatter to the absolute minimum. When checking in over Wally World and Enoree, just state your Type and Color; No “N” number. Radio congestion at this point is not safe! Monitor the Multi-com frequency of 122.9 MHz as far out as practical.  Be on your toes!
·        Maintain 85 KIAS (or 96 MPH) & 1,700 MSL. Landing lights on.
·        Twins: Same instruction as above except fly at 100 KIAS or less & 2,000 MSL. You will be overflying aircraft on the same heading off “Wally World” who may or may-not be following the altitude restrictions. Eyes out the clear part of the canopy!
·        Ultra-Lights: Enter the opposite downwind (southeast) at 1,200 MSL (500 AGL). If radio equipped, listen for advisories on 122.9. If not radio equipped, sequence yourself as best you can. Keep a close pattern and we’ll work traffic around you. Clear the runway ASAP.
·        AGAIN, your best radio etiquette and then only state your aircraft type and color e.g., “white over blue Bonanza, Wally World”.
·        Clear the runway ASAP to the east. Look for a “Follow-Me” vehicle and switch to123.9 to communicate your intentions. Make sure that your mags and master switches are off. Please check 121.5 for ELT.
NORDO Aircraft: If you plan on flying into the aerodrome with no radio (NORDO); please call the control tower @ (864-420-0596) and provide them with the following info:       
  1. Type
  2. a/c
  3. Color
  4. Departure Point
  5. ETA to the Airport
When departing runway 3 or 21, fly runway heading until reaching 3NM (or above 2000 MSL) then proceed on course.
Lastly: Welcome to Triple Tree and enjoy the FUN, FELLOWSHIP and HOSPITALITY.

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