View of Whiteplains Plantation

View of Whiteplains Plantation
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Monday, November 10, 2008

Corvair College #12 at Whiteplains Plantation, Nov. 7 – 9, 2008

Congratulation to Ed Fisher for hosting a special event here at Whiteplains Plantation. Corvair College #12 was a huge success this weekend with attendees coming from all across the country to learn how to convert the Corvair auto engine for use in aircraft.

The Corvair College is a program led by William Wynne from North Florida who is considered one of the country's foremost experts on Corvair engine conversion for aircraft use. The purpose of the ‘College’ is to assist all attendees, no matter their skill level, to learn the tools and knowledge required to get the Corvair engine ready for powering an airplane. William puts on about one college a year and conducts Corvair forums at Sun N Fun and Oshkosh. This is the twelfth college that William has conducted.

In my case, I was a total beginner and spent my time learning to disassemble an engine just as it was removed from the car. Others brought their own engines at various stages of readiness. Some brought parts needing inspection to determine their eligibility for use in an aircraft engine, while others had engines ready for final assembly. William and other technical leaders were available to share their knowledge and guide the assembly process and perform inspections.
One attendee, Larry Hudson from Indiana, completed his assembly and was able to put his engine on the run-up test stand. After a couple of false starts and a little final tweaking it started up and ‘purred like a kitten’.

Forty-Five people attended the College coming from as close as 200 yards (myself) and as far away as western Texas and Ontario, Canada. Others came from Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Alabama, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida and West Columbia.
Seven airplanes were flown in for the event: a C-170 from Ohio; 3 KR-2’s one each from Alabama, Pennsylvania and Columbia; a Pietenpol from Barnwell, SC; a Tri-Pacer from Virginia and a ‘Cleanex’ (that is a Corvair powered Sonex). In addition to the Sonex, Corvair engines powered two of the KR-2’s and the Pietenpol.

Many favorable commits were made about our community. One such as, ‘I may plan to retire here’. Ed has done a wonderful job of enhancing the reputation of Whiteplains across the country. GREAT JOB Ed! Let’s do it again next year.

Submitted by: Rob Bridgers

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