View of Whiteplains Plantation

View of Whiteplains Plantation
Over Head View

Friday, October 31, 2008

William Wynne Corvair College #12

Above, the 25th Corvair powered 601 to fly was built by our friend Lynn Dingfelder from Corry, Penn. Lynn's plane features an engine he crafted himself utilizing our Conversion parts. The engine was cowled and installed using virtually every component available from our Catalog. Lynn is a very friendly guy who has been to our hangar as well as a number of airshows. We look forward to seeing him fly into many of the same events at 2009. Hats off to Lynn Dingfelder for proving yet again that persistence pays.

Hello again.....Thank you to everyone .....many people are responding and offering to help in some way next weekend (Nov7,8,9) As Val and I host the William Wynne Corvair College #12. Saturday night at 5:30 pm we are having a pork picnic at our home hangar at 361 Whiteplains Place, and everyone is welcome. If you care to, a covered dish to share would be appreciated. We hope to have many interesting Corvair powered aircraft on display to look at, weather permitting. William will conduct the Class starting at 9 am Saturday in my shop hangar down the hill on the northeast end of the airpark. It is an open house atmosphere, come and take a look at how successful auto engine conversions are built......Ed Fisher

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