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View of Whiteplains Plantation
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Friday, April 25, 2008

Weather Information by Cell Phone

Not everyone has XM weather in the cockpit but most people have a cell phone that can at least receive text. If you have one with a built in camera, you can also download free weather radar, and graphics. Not only stills, but loops as well. Along with METARS, TAFs and flight rules maps. Best of all, this information can be had for FREE or almost free.
Below is a list of such services as reported in AOPA Pilot:
Pilot My-cast by Garmin Is a mobile, Web-based application that features multiple weather tools, a basic flight planner, and the ability to file a flight plan. Price: $9.95 month
DTC Duat You can receive official weather graphs (Radar, surface observations, flight rules, and prog charts) along with METARs and TAFs. To use it you need a cell phone, DUAT account and password. Price: FREE
Weather Notice This service sends text and graphics weather products to cell phone via TEXT messaging. Phone be a camera phone if you want graphics. Download METARs, TAFs, surface observations and forecast charts, satellite, radar composites and Nexrad. Price is only $4.95 a month. 90 days free try before you buy.
National Weather Service Most functions as DTC Duat but has two METAR function not found elsewhere. One is observations for the past 12 hours, second you can search by state. Price: Free
CELL WX Provides METARs, TAFs, looping satellite images, radar, and flight rules maps. Also has basic data on airport facilities such as rental cars, instrument approaches, fuel and food. Price: FREE
PDA Animated Weather This site has hight resolution graphics such as radar, satellite, temperature,precipitations amounts over time, and city forecasts. Price: Free
AirWX offers search able pireps, text message METARs, current and forecast charts, and an airport distance tool. Price: Free
No excuse now for not checking the weather before you launch. If you know of other service, send them in. Fly safe.
Information found in AOPA Pilot May 2008

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