View of Whiteplains Plantation

View of Whiteplains Plantation
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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Whiteplains UNICOM #13: Entry Gates

It’s been a while between communications from your Board… time to catch up a bit.

You have probably noticed that the entry gates at Phase I are not functional, beginning to rust, and are looking pretty shabby. The cost to install a completely new set of gates, using new high-quality electronics, is on the order of $20,000 per entrance! This kind of money we don’t have (and won’t have).

A recent survey of residents showed that a majority preferred that we have operational gates so, at its last meeting, the Board agreed to take the first step of a multi-year plan to upgrade our entry gates using as much existing hardware as possible.

This fall, the Phase I gates will be removed, sandblasted, cut in half (vertically), painted black and re-installed. By cutting them in half, we will have a configuration with a hinge on either side of the road so that the gates swing open from the center. This will eventually require more gate actuator arms, but will reduce the load on each actuator, thereby prolonging equipment life.

The plan calls for activating only the “in” gate for now, and evaluating its reliability and suitability. The “out” gate will remain open all of the time.

Assuming that results are satisfactory, and assuming the 2008 Board wishes to continue with the plan, some additional actuators will be purchased next year to allow the Phase I “out” gates to be activated. The reliability will continue to be monitored.

If all continues to go well, in 2009 the plan calls for a similar set of gates to be installed at the Phase II entrance, replacing the barrier arms. It has been suggested that one of these barrier arms might be relocated to the service entrance to provide access control there as well.

Input on this topic is always welcome. Please contact any member of the Board, or Bill Como, with your thoughts.

Ken Plesser, President
Whiteplains Plantation Association

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