View of Whiteplains Plantation

View of Whiteplains Plantation
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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

New Veterinarian near Whiteplains

Here is the information regarding the new veterinarian that we met this week.

Dr. Tim Loonam has very recently opened the Grace Animal Hospital and Pet Lodge at 147 Charter Oak Road, Lexington. His phone number is 803-808-7387, with the website of Dr. Loonam was educated at the University of Georgia and treats both small and large animals. Dr. Loonam's first career was in the Army, initially as an infantryman, then the Army facilitated him obtaining his veterinary education, and he then was member of the Army Veterinarian Corps. During his military career he served in Iraq, participated in both battles of Fallujah, and was a survivor of a roadside bomb. He is now setting up his own fulltime practice in Lexington. His office is very well organized and his staff are friendly, helpful, and concerned about animals. Dr. Loonam provided a comprehensive physical exam, with lab work, at a very reasonable fee for our less-than-vet-friendly cat, Katlee, earlier this week. Katlee has had many previous unpleasant vet experiences, but Dr.Loonam was sensitive to her history, managed her fear with in a soothing manner, and let her warm up slowly to the new environment of his office and with him. Dr. Loonam and his staff are interested in not only providing quality care, but also in educating their patients' owners.

Ken and I were most pleased with Dr. Loonam and the Grace Animal Hospital, and want to share this positive reference with our neighbors.


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