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View of Whiteplains Plantation
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Monday, May 21, 2012

Whiteplains Pilots’ Association,

AERObridge is an aviation organization of pilots and supporting ground personnel active in
disasters. We work with both governmental and non-governmental agencies. We have
participated in relief efforts in Haiti, Japan and in the US. Our most recent work was after the
tornado disaster in Tuscaloosa, Alabama in 2011. On Tuesday, June 5th, AERObridge will
coordinate General Aviation and Business Aviation Aircraft from North Carolina, South Carolina
and Georgia in support of the 2012 South Carolina State Hurricane Full Scale Exercise (FSE).
We will base or operations at the Bamberg County Airport (99N) located at Bamberg, South

We could use your help.
AERObridge has been assigned the following missions:

1. Aerial reconnaissance to enable on-site evaluation of emergency situations. AERObridge will
be responsible for providing aerial surveillance of hurricane evacuation routes through Bamberg
County--providing real-time information (voice and video) to decision makers.

2. Establish an Incident Management Team at Bamberg County Airport.
AERObridge will establish an IMT reporting to Bamberg County Emergency Management
Services. This team will be responsible for the coordination of arriving aircraft and movement in
the ramp and aircraft parking areas.

3. Airlift of equipment and supplies in support of disaster relief operations.
General aviation pilots based in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina will fly into Bamberg
County Airport (99N) carrying basic relief supplies with jet aircraft landing at the larger Orangeburg
Airport (OGB).

Although this is just an exercise we’re asking GA pilots and companies with business aircraft to
participate in this exercise to demonstrate the strength and value of GA in emergencies.
Companies or individuals wishing to register their aircraft for the June 5th exercise may do so at by clicking on the “join us” tab and then on the tab for “register your
aircraft”. If you don’t have an aircraft and/or wish to work with support functions such as aircraft
marshaling, aircrew services, administration, operations, plans or logistical support, enter the word
“Support” under aircraft make and we will contact you.

We appreciate all that the members of the Whiteplains Pilots’ Association do for aviation and
thank you for your support!

Greg Stidom
Field Director of Emergency Services
North and South Carolina

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Greg Stidom said...

Fuel for exercise participants will be available at Bamberg County Airport on June 5th at $4.00 @ gallon -- Cash Only.
-- Greg Stidom
(803) 446-6068