View of Whiteplains Plantation

View of Whiteplains Plantation
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Monday, December 23, 2013

Hydroswing doors are back in business

Hydroswing® is Back! The Original Hydraulic Door is Better than Ever at a Significantly Reduced Price!
Hydroswing®, the benchmark in single panel hydraulic door systems, is back!  After listening to the needs of the market, and making significant changes in production and pricing, Hydroswing® North America is open for business and emerging once again as a key player in the aviation, agriculture and architectural door market.
We’ve made some BIG changes. Hydroswing® is now being manufactured in ISO 9001 approved global manufacturing plants allowing for a 25+% price cost reduction in our final product.
Now you can have hydraulic doors at a bifold price – dollar for dollar and square foot for square foot…. So why would you buy anything else?
The advantages of a Hydroswing:
·       Less than 70% of the moving parts of the bifold door
·       50% less moving parts than sectional, bottom rolling, or roller doors
·       90% less maintenance costs.
·       The Hydroswing® easily retro fits to replace the bifold, stacker, bottom rolling, top hung and sectional panel doors, and is ideal for new builds of steel, wood, post and frame, stick or block.
·       The hydraulic door can be manufactured in any size and as large as 40' tall to 150' wide.
All doors 40’ x 10’ and up to 45’ x 16’ feet are only $10,999.00* for purchase orders received by
January 12, including standards to meet a 90 MPH wind code (excluding any taxes and freight). (*Florida buyers add 15% for additional wind load steel requirements)
For more information about what’s new at Hydrowswing North America please visit,email, or call (800) 404-HYDRO or (858) 461-4519.

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