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View of Whiteplains Plantation
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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Update on landing fees in the Bahamas 7-9-2013

For Immediate Release
Update on Bahamas Fee Increases
Do NOT Use General Declaration Forms!
We MAY have a reversal in the recent tax increases in the next few days.  Your emails to senior officials in the government got their attention. Also, see my interview in the Nassau Guardian.  Click Here.
Not only were the fee increases ill-advised, but the regulations were poorly written.  There remains much confusion amongst the Customs officials at various out island airports about what to charge whom.  I made a fuel stop in the Exumas on July 3 and their tried to charge me $150!
These are the current regs:  General Declaration forms will be charged $75 in and $75 out.  Do NOT use General Declaration forms.  When you arrive, present the C7A Inbound Cruising Permit for private pilots, even though you may not be island hopping in the Bahamas.  Keep a copy of the stamped form.  The fee is only $50 for the C7A.
The ill-written regs state that you must request outbound clearance when you depart the Bahamas (which means presenting a GenDec) but instead, simply present your inbound C7A and state that you are departing.  Customs headquarters in Nassua has stated categorically that private pilots will only be charged $50 inbound and nothing outbound.  Too bad this is not clear in the written regs.
Our efforts seem to be paying off.  The government has heard you and is re-visiting their decision.  Everyone else was sitting on the sidelines, including AOPA, waiting for who knows what.  If there is a reversal of these goofy fees, your messages will have been one of the main reasons for the retraction.  Thanks.
Regards,  Jim Parker

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